Back from the dead

Well, look who’s still alive! It’s me! How exciting. Lots of stuff has been happening in the past goodness knows how long since I last made a post. (4 months? Dang…)

It’s getting towards exams, and I’ve been procrastinating my life away as always. I finalised my uni choices last week, so at least I know what I’m aiming for. Definitely need an A in English- A* if I can manage it. Doubtful at this stage, but I can always dream. I need at least ABB overall, which I feel is manageable… If I start working super hard, super quickly. To tell you how that’s going, I have two essays and 3 essay plans due tomorrow, none of which are complete. Two are started. This procrastination is getting completely our of hand, but I have zero motivation to do anything right now. My most used phrase of the moment is “I have become thoroughly disenfranchised with the human experience and want to take a nap.” Something I want to be doing right now, to be honest. I have so much work to do, and I’m worried about getting rubbish grades, but I just can’t be bothered doing any work. What is with that?

In other news, I’ve completed Stark Trek, and have started posting it on Archive of Our Own (AO3) too. I’ve decided to go through and change some chapters to either improve or rework them. Some reviews have pointed out serious characterisation issues (Mary Sue alert!) with my OC, so there’s plenty to do. That may result in a delay do the sequel, but I can work all that out after June and the exams. (I’m so looking forward to those)

Most of the shows I watch are on TV at the moment, including my beloved Game of Thrones. Waiting to watch the episodes has been quite the excersise in self restraint; a couple if my friends saw them early when they were leaked online. Naughty children. I’ve been catching up on Elementary too, and will be getting back on the Five-0 bandwagon soon also. I thoroughly enjoyed the BBC Poldark show, what with it being based in Cornwall and everything. I highly recommend it. Although, having so many outlets for distracting myself is never a good thing…

Last Saturday was spent watching Age of Ultron, which was an awesome film. There are a couple of issues with characterisation, especially relating to Black Widow. There’s been a lot of debate on Tumblr regarding her being reduced to a damsel in distress love interest, most of which I agree with. And she was written so well in Winter Soldier… come on, Marvel.

Another time Easter I have recently invested in is Minecraft. I’ve wanted to get it for ages, and spent most of the Easter holidays building an unnecessarily large castle. Well, it’s probably not as huge as it could be, but I don’t want to make it any bigger.

With only half an hour until Thrones, and near to no progress made on my schoolwork over the past 3 days, I think now would be a good time to sign off. Is anyone else totally looking forward to any exams? 

Interview time!

I had my Falmouth interview today, which was fun. The dreaded group interview wasn’t much of an interview. It was more of a chat with current students while the individual interviews took place. It was fun though, looking through all the modules and thinking about what I want to do. They have postcards with all the different ones on, so you can essentially make a chart of your degree, which I personally think is awesome. I know I’m not going for a while yet, but it’s still useful.

My own interview went well, even though I’m terrible at articulating my thoughts in a coherent manner. I hut kept saying how much I love reading; which is true, but still. It was a bit overkill. I got an offer, which is excellent, so now I have to decide which uni I want to go to. It’s between Birmingham and Falmouth at the moment, though I haven’t actually been to two of my other choices yet. Maybe I’ll change my mind.

The journey down to Cornwall took us 6 hours, which was super fun. Father and I ended up singing Abba towards the end of it. We couldn’t really see the road, due to a lack of street lights, cat eyes, and all the mist. A wonderful experience overall. When we finally got to the hotel, I ordered the meatiest thing on the menu. I got a huge plate of chips, steak, chicken and gammon; the waitress thought it was for my dad. Nah, lady- gimme the meat. Om nom nom.

The journey back wasn’t so bad; a lot less traffic, though the intermittent 40 zones were somewhat irksome. We had some nice brownies at the new Gloucester services, which is very posh. Do you remember me mentioning it? The toilets have the most Dyson air blades I’ve ever seen in one room. And the sinks are very fancy. And they have trees suspended from the ceiling as light fixtures. Basically, it’s awesome.

So overall, the day was a success! I even managed to get rid of the last pesky villager living on my paths in Animal Crossing! Very exciting news.

Family fun time.

It is my father’s birthday at some point soon, (it may even be today, I’m terrible at birthdays) so there was family visiting again this weekend. Namely, his twin sister, her partner, and my gran. We went out for a meal with them yesterday, which was pretty nice. It’s at the place I vowed never to eat t again because we only ever seem to go to get carvery, which just tastes of grease. But this time it was good. I had breaded Brie, chicken Kiev and a crème brûlée with burnt sugar on top. Seemingly someone was a little overzealous with the caramelisation.

I got an email on Friday after ordering my DVDs that they would be arriving between the 15th and 17th. Yesterday, that changed to Tuesday. This morning, I got an email saying today. I’m glad they arrived early, a I’ve been able to binge watch Psycho-Pass all afternoon, and have now nearly finished it. Only a couple of episodes to go, and it’s blowing my mind. This show is amazing.

Tonight tea wasn’t quite as successful and enjoyable as yesterday’s. It ended in a delightful argument about why I never instigate conversation, leading to me barricading myself in my room with my beloved anime. It was relatively amusing. Well, in some ways. It also instigated one of our family discussions about how shit I am at being a functional member of society. I always love these chats, they are so fun.

That’s enough of that, anyway. I have an episode of Psycho-Pass to finish before I get round to trying to sleep. Insomnia is so fun.

Week overview.

This week has been fairly uneventful, to the extent that I didn’t have anything to tell you guys. So, to make up for it, I’ll give you a brief roundup of my week. It’s gone pretty quickly- I thought it was Wednesday this morning. A lovely surprise when it wasn’t, obviously.

I have been doing a lot of art recently, as I have to start my final piece for this project on Monday. I’ll only have 3 weeks to do it in, and I haven’t even planned it yet. I do, however, have 3 frees on Monday, so I can do that then, as well as finish off the piece I’m currently doing. I hope, anyway. Otherwise I’m on a spot of bother. We get our exam prompts on Monday too, I think, so that should be exciting. I had an idea of what I wanted to do a while ago… Zombies, I think it was. There are some cool artists for that. We’ll have to see.

I finally got round to paying my Christmas money into the bank today, so I’ve been able to order the Psycho-Pass box set, as well as Game if Thrones season 2. I’ve watched it, and have the box sets of seasons 1 & 3, but not that one for some reason. This shall be rectified shortly. I nearly ordered ‘The World of Ice and Fire’ aswell, but decided against it. Even with my Amazon giftcard, the price if all the items together seemed quite high. I might just get it in a few days anyway…

It was quite the adventure, going to the bank. I went into town during lunch with my friend, who has recently been complaining that nobody will go to McDonalds with him. As such, we had lunch there, but ended up not having time to go to the bank. I was really late for form as well, but the teacher hadn’t done the register so it was okay. We had to go all the way back into town to the bank, then back to school for the bus. My friend could have got on his bus in town, but decided to walk back to school with me instead. What a gent.

I have also received a Captain America ‘bag for life’ effort from my Luther, who got it from Tesco while she retrieved gifts for father’s impending birthday. It’s rather wonderful, though I’m not sure when I’ll have use for it. Mayhap I shall have to bring an obscene amount of things with me to college one day.

I’m on to November in Animal Crossing now, so I’m on track to getting up to date quite soon! I initially started on the first available date, which was 1/1/2012. Quite clearly, this isn’t when I got the game. I skipped an entire year when I eventually found the thing again, but I’m still skipping through days so I can get lots of lively bells. I already live in a golden castle on my own section of town, complete with private beach and jetty, where I can get a boat to the tropical island. It’s all very exciting; I have several wonders of the world on my doorstep too. I have been working on getting my paths lined with bushes and trees, which would be going splendidly were it not for the random villagers’ houses in the middle of them. Some ignoring will have to be done once I’m up to date…

With the persistence of Holly’s scratching at the door, I assume she will need feeding. Daft cat that she is, she is very pester-some when hungry. Is that even a word? Well, it is now. I shall have to feed her before she bores her way through the door…

Holiday homework fail.

So here we are again. The last day of the Christmas holidays, and I haven’t started my homeworks. Well, I’ve written the title for one, but I somehow don’t think that counts. Naturally, the thing to do at this juncture is write a blog not about how I’m failing at student life.

I spent the majority of the day in bed, on Tumblr. As I wake up at around noon anyway, this might not have been for as long a I think. I also wrote some more Stark Trek in the early afternoon, which is going well. I’m now onto the last chapter, after which I tart working on the sequel again. I hope I’ll be able to make updates more regular from now on, though I’ll need a break before I start posting Stark Trek: Into Darkness. I might even have to leave it until after my exams, though I really don’t want to have to do that.

I finally got round to watching the Big Fat Anniversary Quiz, which is absolutely hilarious. The Goth Detectives are back, and covered in sequins! The sheer amount of cheating was astronomical, let me assure you. Definitely watch it, and all the ones from previous years. They’re great fun. I’ve not watched the 2014 one yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to do that after college tomorrow. Eww, as if I actually have to go to college. I seriously don’t want to.

Having quickly perished my homework diary, the situation doesn’t seem as sure as previously thought. I only have one homework due in tomorrow, though I probably could have done with at leaf looking through my art sketchbook. Although, I can ‘forget’ that tomorrow. Lying aside, I genuinely forget that thing every time I take it home. That’s why I leave it in school. This is my design. The one homework I do have involves making notes for an entire topic in Philosophy, so I had better get working on that. Yuck.

Anime-athon: Psycho-Pass edition.


Yesterday, whilst at my friend’s birthday party, I was introduced to another amazing anime. He first described it to me as a ‘dystopian sci-fi police procedural’, which sounded genuinely enticing. I enjoyed Death Note, which is a police drama with extra supernatural elements thrown in, and I like various ‘real life’ crime dramas too. Hawaii Five-0 anyone?

We watched the first four episodes of Psycho-Pass season one as a group, and I’d say only around 40% of it was talked over to the point where I couldn’t hear at all. A vast improvement on past experiences. I really enjoyed it, after being a little sceptical upon having it explained further. It’s really fast paced, and the animation sequence for the Dominators was absolutely amazing. They are such cool guns; they have one setting that stuns you, and another that makes the target explode in an amazingly gruesome way. They just go *poof* then there’s blood everywhere. And the blood is actually red, unlike in Dangan Ronpa, where it’s bright pink. No joke.

I enjoyed the first few episodes so much that when the rest of the group went to play Dungeons and Dragons, (yep) I went and pug the DVD back on. I only managed to get to episode 9 before I had to go home, but I fully intend to get the nicest on Amazon so I can finish it. I hope the second series has been translated/ will be soon, because I somehow think 22 episodes won’t be enough. I also want to get Attack on Titan on DVD, but we’ll have to see how much money I have left. The eternal struggle. This time next year, I’ll hopefully have been working for a while, so I will have cash moneys to purchase such anime goods. Huzzah!

This is a bit of a short post, but I’m not go it reviewing things without giving away a butt-tonne of spoilers. What I will say I that the storyline is good, and the animation is great too. If anime/ crime shows is your thing, I definitely recommend it! Psycho-Pass; go check it out!

New year’s resolutions?

Hello, and happy 2015! Apologies for the lateness of this post, but I’ve been decorating all afternoon. I also went to IKEA for the third time in as many days this morning, to get some soft furnishings. We now have plenty of monochrome cushions. Maybe too many…

I don’t usually make a resolution, but this year I’ve had plenty of ideas. Apparently, it makes you more likely to do something if you write it down, or tell others about it, so in going to do both at the same time. Two birds, one stone! Well, blog post, but what does it matter. Here’s my 5 resolutions for 2015.

1- Get healthy:
I’ve been meaning to do this for some time. I need to eat properly; have breakfast, that sort of thing, so now’s as good a time as any to start on that. I might be a bit ambitious in saying I’ll do more exercise, but in going to try. Since quitting dancing a few years ago, I’ve really noticed a decline in my fitness, so I want to get that back up. Who knows, I might even get my abs back! I did a lot of pull ups back when I was 14, guys.

2- Organise:
This is kinda a no brainer. I never get things done on time, which is especially important with all my A levels going on at the minute. I’m going to try and work on doing essays etc the day they are set, rather than the day before they’re due in (if at all). I’ve not got off to much of a good start on this, as I’ve not started any of my holiday homeworks, but I’m going to start work on those on Saturday. She says…

3- Balance:
I’m talking about work and play here, people. Lord knows I’ve spent way too much time playing Animal Crossing this fortnight. So much that the little computerised animals have started expressing concern a to my well being. You know how Netflix occasionally asks you if you’re still awake/alive when you’re halfway through marathon ing a show? It’s like that. So, I’m definitely going to need to work on that; it’ll go hand in hand with the organisation thing for college, so it should be a bit easier. Right?

4- Motivation and mentality:
I have been struggling a bit with motivating myself to do even the things I enjoy, recently. If you remember a few months back, I had ‘meetings’ with the college team about working on my mental health etc, which I haven’t really been doing. I don’t really like talking face-to-face about my emotions etc because I don’t tend to be able to do so as eloquently as I like. But, with A level exams round the corner, I’m going to have to do something about it. So, let’s make it a resolution. Why not! What could possibly go wrong?

5- ‘The future’:
This is more of a loose resolution; an ongoing struggle, if you will. I am, thank goodness, having a gap year after my exams. As such, I shall need something to pass the time; namely, a job. Oh diddly dear. I’ve never had one of those before, and I want my foray into the world of ‘adults’, ‘money’ and ‘taxes’ to be worth my while. Aka, to do with my degree. My English teacher has suggested working in a bookshop, which I think would be fun. Surrounded by books, all day long, and getting paid for it? Yes please! Sign me right up. Obviously some research will have to be done, so I should get started on that at some point.

Well, there’s my 5. Do any of you have resolutions to share? Tell me in the comments, then we can all help each other achieve our goals! Teamwork, yay!