Bake Off

I apologise for the lack of post on Saturday; we had family round to celebrate my birthday & my cousin’s too. As for why this post is late… well, I honestly thought it was Wednesday until about 5 minutes ago. Shows how much I know.

I’ve not really been doing anything of note this week. I did a bit of writing today; a couple of chapters of Stark Trek are getting a revamp, and the sequel I planned is still in the works. I had a few chapters written, but they weren’t in any sort of coherent order. I’ve decided to just write what happens ‘during’ the actual film, rather than bothering with what the characters have been up to in between. I’ll put that in a separate story, the first chapter of which is up now. Not entirely happy with it, but I’m hoping some reviews will give me some much needed motivation.

I’ve also been working on my book a little, though that project seriously lost momentum over the exam period. I can get so much done when I’m procrastinating, it’s unreal. Well, everything except what I’m supposed to be doing. Then it wouldn’t be procrastinating, and that wouldn’t be any fun at all.

The only other thing I’ve done today is watch yesterday’s episode of The Great British Bake Off. If want to avoid spoilers, don’t read the next bit!

I was quite shocked that Flora went this week. I feel like she should have been saved by her performance in the technical; Ian’s showstopper wasn’t as impressive as anyone else’s, if you look at the brief, and he came 3rd in the technical. He’s been ‘in trouble’ for a while now too, so he definitely should have gone. That aside, my personal favourite baker is Nadiyah. She’s just so expressive! Her showstopper was awesome; especially after she thought she’d go home. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do all that delicate chocolate work if I was nervous. I’m so glad she’s through to the final. And Tamal! He’s fantastic, obviously. Their friendly banter in the tent has been quite nice, so it’s weird when there’s so few people in the tent.

Well, I think that’s more than enough about Bake Off for today. As always, thanks for reading!

Birthday excitement.

So it was my 19th birthday yesterday. I kept forgetting how soon it was, then suddenly I was having ‘Happy Birthday’ sung at me and gift bags thrust in my general direction. It’s weird to think that it’s been a year since my last birthday; it feels like it only happened a few months ago. I don’t even feel like I’m 17 yet, never mind 19! Time is weird…

I hardly did anything yesterday. Other than lounging around the house and watching All Change at Longleat, I didn’t do anything. We went out to Pizza Hut for tea, which was good. I had the fries for the first time and oh my god they were amazing. I’m very passionate about fries, and they were absolute perfection. 10/10, would recommend. I also had a salted caramel cookie dough dessert which was, as always, delicious. The usual stuffed crust Hawaiian also served as today’s lunch.

Most of my presents were money/gift cards, which I’m very happy about. It’s going to be quite difficult not to spend it all at once like I usually do. I have to be a responsible adult. (I’m sure that’ll go well!) I obviously need to save up for uni, and general buying stuff through throughout the year. At some point I’m going to get a job, but with my current mental state I don’t think it’s a great idea. Obviously I need to get one for experience etc, but it’s finding one that I’ll be able to cope with. I’m usually okay in social situations if I have a ‘script’ (for want of a better word) but I obviously don’t want my anxiety to get out of control. Wow, that got a bit serious… Sorry.

I’m going out for lunch with one of my friends tomorrow, and may be going to talk to some people about getting a tattoo. I wanted to get one last year, but wasn’t sure what I wanted so didn’t do it. When we were reading The Handmaid’s Tale in English Lit last year, I really liked the quote Offred finds carved into the wardrobe. “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum”. So, I’m looking into getting that done in a typewriter font, because typewriters are badass and it looks cool. I probably won’t be actually getting it for a couple of months yet; I haven’t 100% decided on placement. Will give you an update when/if it happens!

Friends and fundraising.

I’ve vaguely decided that Saturdays’ posts will be a round-up of my week. Hopefully this will motivate me to actually do stuff instead o just lying in bed for days on end!

Most of the week I’ve been doing washing and ironing, because I’m a super exciting person. I must admit, there hasn’t been much progress on the ironing front, but I was in a depressive slump for a couple of days. I have spouts where I have absolutely zero motivation to do anything. Often, I don’t get anything for lunch because I don’t have the energy. It’s so fun!

I went out with a couple of friends on Wednesday as an attempt to celebrate my birthday before everyone disappears to uni. After three people told me they couldn’t make it on the morning, I abandoned the idea of going clubbing. Why I thought that would be a good idea in the first place I don’t know; I’ve been exactly once, and I hated every minute of it. Apart from te drag queens, but that’s another story. Anyway, we went and got burritos, as well as spending some cash dolla on another long, floaty cardigan in Primark. I got some shoes too, and a Slytherin shopping bag. So much for saving up…

I haven’t really done much else. For most of this morning, I was stood handing out leaflets at our local M&S store. The Eco friendly, carbon neutral community centre project my dad’s working on has been shortlisted for some funding from the M&S energy fund. We’re currently 4th, so we need more votes to get the money. If you could follow this link and vote, I sure would appreciate it! Thanks for reading (and voting!)

Say hello to our little friend…

As I mentioned briefly on Saturday, we have a new addition to our family. My sister was allowed to get herself a kitten after her GCSE results, and I’ve had the pleasure of looking after him during the week. Say hello to Patches!  

We got him from Tameside Animal Shelter last Thursday, and he’s a semi-longhair white and tabby bundle of fluff. He’s a very feisty fellow; I’ve had my knees, elbows and feet scratched so far, as well as a bitten nose! He also likes batting at my fringe, which has resulted in a few close calls with eyes. Luckily, he now prefers to dart about after his toy mouse.

As he hasn’t had his jabs, he’s not met our other cats yet. Freya has been very interested in his meows when she’s been upstairs, so hopefully they will get along. Holly, our slightly senile older cat, doesn’t seem to be able to hear him at all, even when he’s at full volume! Patches is a very demanding kitten; whenever he hears me walk up the stairs, he starts meowing for attention. Unfortunately, washing and ironing has to get done, so I can’t play with him all day long.

It’s been a while since we got Freya, so I had forgotten just how small kittens are! Holly’s fluff makes her look huge anyway, so Freya still looked quite kitten-like, even though she’s fully grown. After getting patches, even she looks massive. Freya also seems really heavy now; Patches hardly weighs anything. When we introduce him to his sisters, I’ll give you another update.

I’m Back, baby!

A few months back, I promised a return to the blogosphere. Obviously that didn’t work, but now my gap year is in full swing, I figure I’ll have time to write more. Quite possibly, I will have more interesting content to give you all. I’ve decided to try two posts a week, hopefully on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

So, a quick update: the past couple of months have been filled with exams and results days; my sister and I were doing our GCSEs and A level respectively. I managed to get my place at Lancaster University, where I’ll be doing English Literature and Creative Writing as of October 2016. Due to my sister’s crazy good results (10 A*s and 2 As!) my sister has been allowed to get a kitten. I’ll tell you about him properly on Wednesday, when he’s a bit more settled. Now the summer holiday is over, I’m home alone, doing ironing, washing, and cleaning. At least, that’s the idea. I’ve not had much motivation recently, but I managed to get started on it today. I’ve mostly been lying in bed playing Pok√©mon Omega Ruby. Being the domestic goddess that I am, I’ve also decided to do a complete sort out & tidy of my bedroom. I’ll let you know if I get anywhere with that…

So, dear readers; hello! I’m back. and this time, it’s for good.

Back from the dead

Well, look who’s still alive! It’s me! How exciting. Lots of stuff has been happening in the past goodness knows how long since I last made a post. (4 months? Dang…)

It’s getting towards exams, and I’ve been procrastinating my life away as always. I finalised my uni choices last week, so at least I know what I’m aiming for. Definitely need an A in English- A* if I can manage it. Doubtful at this stage, but I can always dream. I need at least ABB overall, which I feel is manageable… If I start working super hard, super quickly. To tell you how that’s going, I have two essays and 3 essay plans due tomorrow, none of which are complete. Two are started. This procrastination is getting completely our of hand, but I have zero motivation to do anything right now. My most used phrase of the moment is “I have become thoroughly disenfranchised with the human experience and want to take a nap.” Something I want to be doing right now, to be honest. I have so much work to do, and I’m worried about getting rubbish grades, but I just can’t be bothered doing any work. What is with that?

In other news, I’ve completed Stark Trek, and have started posting it on Archive of Our Own (AO3) too. I’ve decided to go through and change some chapters to either improve or rework them. Some reviews have pointed out serious characterisation issues (Mary Sue alert!) with my OC, so there’s plenty to do. That may result in a delay do the sequel, but I can work all that out after June and the exams. (I’m so looking forward to those)

Most of the shows I watch are on TV at the moment, including my beloved Game of Thrones. Waiting to watch the episodes has been quite the excersise in self restraint; a couple if my friends saw them early when they were leaked online. Naughty children. I’ve been catching up on Elementary too, and will be getting back on the Five-0 bandwagon soon also. I thoroughly enjoyed the BBC Poldark show, what with it being based in Cornwall and everything. I highly recommend it. Although, having so many outlets for distracting myself is never a good thing…

Last Saturday was spent watching Age of Ultron, which was an awesome film. There are a couple of issues with characterisation, especially relating to Black Widow. There’s been a lot of debate on Tumblr regarding her being reduced to a damsel in distress love interest, most of which I agree with. And she was written so well in Winter Soldier… come on, Marvel.

Another time Easter I have recently invested in is Minecraft. I’ve wanted to get it for ages, and spent most of the Easter holidays building an unnecessarily large castle. Well, it’s probably not as huge as it could be, but I don’t want to make it any bigger.

With only half an hour until Thrones, and near to no progress made on my schoolwork over the past 3 days, I think now would be a good time to sign off. Is anyone else totally looking forward to any exams? 

Interview time!

I had my Falmouth interview today, which was fun. The dreaded group interview wasn’t much of an interview. It was more of a chat with current students while the individual interviews took place. It was fun though, looking through all the modules and thinking about what I want to do. They have postcards with all the different ones on, so you can essentially make a chart of your degree, which I personally think is awesome. I know I’m not going for a while yet, but it’s still useful.

My own interview went well, even though I’m terrible at articulating my thoughts in a coherent manner. I hut kept saying how much I love reading; which is true, but still. It was a bit overkill. I got an offer, which is excellent, so now I have to decide which uni I want to go to. It’s between Birmingham and Falmouth at the moment, though I haven’t actually been to two of my other choices yet. Maybe I’ll change my mind.

The journey down to Cornwall took us 6 hours, which was super fun. Father and I ended up singing Abba towards the end of it. We couldn’t really see the road, due to a lack of street lights, cat eyes, and all the mist. A wonderful experience overall. When we finally got to the hotel, I ordered the meatiest thing on the menu. I got a huge plate of chips, steak, chicken and gammon; the waitress thought it was for my dad. Nah, lady- gimme the meat. Om nom nom.

The journey back wasn’t so bad; a lot less traffic, though the intermittent 40 zones were somewhat irksome. We had some nice brownies at the new Gloucester services, which is very posh. Do you remember me mentioning it? The toilets have the most Dyson air blades I’ve ever seen in one room. And the sinks are very fancy. And they have trees suspended from the ceiling as light fixtures. Basically, it’s awesome.

So overall, the day was a success! I even managed to get rid of the last pesky villager living on my paths in Animal Crossing! Very exciting news.