Stark Trek time!

My mother and youngest sister returned from their excursion to Wales today, bringing my aunt and 4-year-old cousin with them. The morning was mostly spent in bed with a back ache, but when that subsided I got up and dressed. Turns out, my favourite jeans have diagonal belt loops, which is good for sword carrying. Yes; I walked around the house with two swords in my belt loops. Because I am a mature adult.
I put up a new chapter of Stark Trek a few minutes ago. Turns out, there’s people in Guernsey reading it. It’s really exciting to see all the countries people are reading this in; it’s quite surreal to think people all over the world are reading this. (Side note; I just spelt surreal so badly that autocorrect change it to ‘sulu trek’.)
There’s a cool website I found on Tumblr where you can explore the stars which is absolutely amazing. I may have only got a D in GCSE Astronomy, but it really interesting. I wasn’t very good at the whole stars thing, so this would’ve been a useful resource a couple of years ago. Go check it out; if you don’t have google chrome, there’s a YouTube video you can watch.
I’ve been looking at some of the Targaryen dress designs I did a couple of months back, an I really wish that I could make dresses. I might try and teach myself to do corsets while I’m at it. And how to work with leather-type materials. I have a feeling they’d like leather. There’s a really cool shop on Etsy that sells dragon scale-mail, which I absolutely love and new in my life. If I could incorporate that… Damn, now I’m going to have to draw some more dresses.

The Marvel-ous mistake.

My eyes started itching around the 4am mark, but other than that I wasn’t tired. Only me and two lads survived through the whole thing without sleep; I didn’t even have any caffeine. Not sure about the other two. All the films have been watched. I am still alive. All is well with the world.
I got a bus home with 3 others, but it was a 20 minute walk to the bus stop. Once I got back, I then had to walk from town to my house, where my sister let me in. I immediately went to have a nap; I wasn’t really tired, but I felt like I should be and there were wavy lines in my vision. Not good. Apparently she made me lunch; I lit the hob, but then went back to bed. She left the bowl of rice and cheese (don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it) on my bed, and I “rolled towards it and was going all ‘meh'”. I oftentimes make a grunting/ moaning/ dying wookie noise when I’m tired or just can’t anymore. Clearly I was asleep, because when dad woke me up for tea he had a bowl in his hand. That when I found out about the lunch. Sorry sis! I appreciate the effort, though! To be honest, I was awake for around 29 hours straight, so I have an excuse. Now I shall slip into what is sure to be a semi-eternal slumber, from which I shall probably (at some point) awaken.

The great Avenge-athon.

Today, I shall be embarking on my biggest mission yet. To watch all nine Avengers films back to back. Yep, you read that right; all nine. I agree that this is a terrible idea. The marathon is at a friend’s house, and should start around 6:00pm. I’ll try and update this as I go.

We have arrived at the location, but there are still some guests to arrive. People are questioning my authority on the order these films are meant to be watched in; fools. I know what I’m talking about. Once everyone has arrived I believe take-away shall be ordered and then films start.

We ordered the food towards the end of Iron Man, and it arrived during The Incredible Hulk. If I’m honest, this is my least favourite of the 9 films. The exciting bit happens in flashbacks; that’s my opinion, anyway. The woman from the Chinese place drove 10 minutes to ask if we wanted vegetable or meat spring rolls, which was unusual.

A couple of people have gone to bed, and some have only just arrived. People have been drinking for a bit and are now partaking in Omegle. This could end badly. I, however, shall persevere and get through this. If I can watch an entire season of Game of Thrones in one sitting, I can damn well do 19(ish) hours of Marvel. Bring. It. On.

As we are now getting towards the early hours, and we are only up to Iron Man 2, I believe I will leave the ret of this for tomorrow’s post. I only awoke around 9:30 this morning (I think…) so I’m already doing quite well on the ‘not sleeping’ front. I probably should have time-stamped the above paragraphs, but the foresight to do so was clearly unavailable. I don’t feel tired yet, which is both good and bad. Anyway, see you at the other end!

Operation ‘spring’-clean.

It was decided that today, Team Short Hair (me and father) would go into battle with Team Long Hair (mother and sister) to see who could clean their designated floor of the house fastest. I was given the task of sorting out the family medicine cupboard and removing all the ‘off’ stuff. The earliest use by date I found was mid-2006. There was a couple of insect repellents which dad reckons are from when he and mum went on their honeymoon, but there’s no date on those. Also, an entire unopened bottle of witch hazel was discovered.
My hand is now healed (hoorah!) but the scab came off when I was cleaning the obscene amount of vases we for some reason have in the kitchen. The skin underneath is okay, but it feels really tight. Eww, hand injuries. I still haven’t done my homework for the summer, or the second draft of my personal statement…
As a reward for doing so much helping, I was allowed to make a fire! In the fireplace, but still fun. Pyrotechnics is my favourite. Everyone else struggles to get the fire going in our little furnace thing, but I found it quite easy. Maybe it’s just because I’m good at setting things alight. Fire is so pretty. It’s odd how everyone just stares at it, though it is mesmerising. Maybe I just live in a family of pyromaniacs…

Fountains Abbey adventures.

It is my Aunt’s birthday today, so we set off to visit her with my nana in tow. The location of the meet up was – you’ve guessed it – Fountains Abbey near Rippon, Yorkshire. The ruins were really interesting, and surprisingly intact from my knowledge of the dissolution of the monasteries. I seem to remember the place being mentioned by name in class, but can’t quite recall why. The water gardens have a lovely view from ‘Anne Boleyn’s seat’ over the river, the abbey framed by the trees. It was really lovely.
It’s a national trust place, but the cafe was really posh. I looked vaguely like I fit with the surroundings in my “racehorse breeder’s wife” getup. (Seriously, that’s the aesthetic I went with today. No idea why.) We spent a lot of time with my 4 year old cousin; it’s usually my youngest sibling’s job to entertain her, but my other sister and I took up the role in her absence.
Because I’m a mature adult, I purchased a wooden broad-sword to go with my long sword I got a couple of years ago. I also have a bow, but it’s a bit small for my arms. Highly upsetting.
We went out to a nice pub type place called the Durham Ox for tea; myself and my sister both had a cheeseburger and fries, which was delicious. I also had raspberry sorbet and elderflower jelly for dessert, which was… interesting. I have a slight ‘that isn’t so tasty’ kind of headache. I have a selection of different headaches for various occasions. They are quite useful for working out what’s wrong with me though.
On our way out of the pub/ restaurant, we saw a cute little kitty. It had a tiny little head, four White socks and a skinny tail. It’s meow sounded like it had a bit of a sore throat too; so adorable! Its appearance was, by far, my favourite part of the day. Cats are my favourites. Dragons come a close second, but fluffy little kitties are fantastic. Just… kitties!

Sixth month-aversary!

Wow, it’s already been half a year! I never thought I’d be able to post (nearly) every day for so long! Thank you to all 90+ of my followers, and my readers for keeping me going and sticking around through all the craziness. If you’ve been supporting my other projects, thank you for that, too!
We went of a family drive in the camper van today to ‘run in’ it’s new engine. As usual, I wasn’t told the destination, but it turns out it was Speke Hall in Liverpool. We looked around the hall and gardens for a bit, indulging in their very difficult maze. You could literally turn one corner and get to the ‘fort’ endpoint. Dad’s prone battery has been pretty rubbish lately, so we got to go to the Trafford Centre! There was a massive queue in the Apple store, so me and my sister went for a wander around. Surprisingly, although shopping is her least favourite activity, she really likes the place. Interesting… We are, at this moment, travelling home in the van. I’ve been listening to Rasputin by Boney M after watching this video of some awesome dancers earlier today on Tumblr. To quote the post, it looks like the game is following them, not the other way round!
Anyway, here’s to another six months of happy blogging! Thanks again for everything!

Belated bake-off.

I managed to watch the latest episode of Bake Off today, and it was awesome! I mainly watch it for Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc’s banter/ pun-offs, but the baking can get quite intense. After a morning of catching up, all I really want to do is eat cake mix, or make some bread. Let’s be honest, I just want to eat things.
After lunch, I headed into Manchester with mother dearest to get me another blazer for school. Clearly lots of school/college people have been doing the same as there was only 1 left in my size. I am now the proud owner of what my father affectionately calls a ‘Geography teacher’s blazer’.
On our way home, we decided to pop into the drop-in centre to see if my hand was indeed infected. We were waiting there for longer than it has taken us to go into Manchester, make our purchases, and come back. Turns out they only had two nurses on duty for the entire weekend, perhaps even the whole holiday. Everyone was quite agitated in the waiting room, but the nurse was nice and quickly dealt with us. That sounds a bit violent… ‘Dealt with’… Anyway, my hand is fine, and we got some cool/ weird iodine strips to put on it under the plaster, which was good. I had Subway for tea, which is always good, and my little sister is at Guide camp, so we have the weekend without her. Should be peaceful; maybe we can watch something other than the Simpsons, Futurama or Modern Family for once!