Summer School day 3.

Today’s workshop was journalism. It was practically the same group as yesterday, which made it a lot easier to do the group work. First we read Hansel and Gretel, then condense the story into a 25 word summary. That would serve as the first paragraph in an article; it gives the reader all the facts, then the story can be elaborated upon. Later on, we had to collect information about a sudden oak death breakout on campus; interviewing students and staff, and a bit of research on the disease itself. My article was a bit terrible- I’m really bad at writing articles.
This afternoon we had to attend two of four lectures/activities; mine were creative careers and a library tour. The other two were how to apply to UCAS and about student finance, which would have been a lot more useful to me. The others from my little group had already been to the other lectures, so I would have swapped with them if I had the option.
We finalised everything for our society idea, but it’s quite long winded. I might save the explanation for when I’ve not done anything interesting. Tomorrow I’m going surfing, which should be good. I’ll have to remember my suncream though, as I got a little burned today.

Summer School day 2.

Today was the creative writing workshop; a lot better than I originally thought it would be. We had to work as a group to do a radio show script, following the given prompt. Basically, all of us had our own character who lived in a block of flats. When some DJs move in and play loads of loud music, we all band together and go to confront them; but nobody lives there. Pretty spooky if done correctly, but neither of the two groups actually opened the door, dissapointingly. It was a really good morning though.
For the afternoon/evening session we all went for a barbecue on the beach, which was amazing. One of the lads in my little group of summer school buddies was queueing for an ice cream for about ten minutes. Then one of the chocolates topping it fell into his shoe, along with some melts bits of ice cream. Then the entire, highly generous scoop fell onto the sand. Unfortunately, none of us could stop ourselves from laughing while he stood there, looking sadly down at the ice cream. I felt a bit bad for laughing, but it was absolutely hilarious.
When we got back to the flat, we had to come up with a new society for our presentation on Thursday. I have to say, ours is actually really good. I’d found a note behind the mirror in my wardrobe, left there for the fresher who will have this room next year. That gave us the main idea, so we worked from there. I’ll tell you all about it when we’ve got it finalised, but it should be good. Tune in for more antics tomorrow!

Summer School day 1.

Re yesterday’s little gig, it was very loud blues music. It was good, but almost so loud you couldn’t hear it.
We arrived at Falmouth University’s Penryn campus at about 11:30 this morning. The short walk through Falmouth town centre convinced me that this is the place I want to be. The accommodation is actually quite a lot better than I had anticipated. Individual rooms in a shared flat of around 7- no idea how much this sort of accommodation would cost though. Updates coming.
We’ve all pretty much split into separate ‘friendship’ groups now. There’s some really cool people here- some lovely piercing and tattoo combinations. I can’t wait until I move down… I’ll go back home with a full sleeve, I’m pretty sure. Activities start properly tomorrow, so hopefully there will be more for you all to read. Apologies again for the short post.
(At least there’s free WiFi)

Endless driving.


Father and I drove down to Cornwall today. Technically the Summer School starts tomorrow, but it’s a hell of a lot of driving for one morning. At least I got a pasty out of it. Delicious and not very nutritious. I must say, the view isn’t bad from my current position on a bench overlooking Newquay harbour. Lots of seagulls eying me up; they obviously want to steal my nonexistent food. One of the problems with Cornwall is the seemingly organised seagull militia. They are ridiculously vicious when stealing food- they can get three scoops of ice-cream in each foot on a good day. It’s insane.
Speaking of icecream, I’ve just been past an entire shop dedicated solely to Ben and Jerry’s. I haven’t seen one of those before. Pretty revolutionary. For Newquay, anyway. We’re off to see a local band later which should be good. Apologies for the short post, but basically nothing except driving has happened today.

Ill-timed appointment drop off.

I had a haircut this morning- finally! My hair was getting quite poofy (technical term) so I definitely needed it doing, so seeing as I’m going down to Falmouth tomorrow, it was good timing. What wasn’t good timing was my father’s 1 hour early drop off to the salon. I literally had to sit and read hairdressing magazines for 60 entire minutes. The struggle is real. After the eventual haircut was complete, I had the ‘your mum would kill me if we did it any shorter’ conversation with the staff. We have this chat every time we go. They promised we’ll use clippers on the back and sides next time- success! After said conversation was complete, none other but my mother (lol it rhymes) walked in, picking me up. Not literally, but in the giving me a lift home sense.
I played some ‘vintage’ Mario Kart when I got home- the first Wii version. It’s so much easier, but the graphics are terrible! Well, they seem it in relation to the new version. I had this conversation with my little sister. We played the new version when our family friends came round for the weekly Saturday curry night, selecting appropriate songs for each track off Spotify. Classics like Ke$ha’s Tik Tok for the ‘Tick Tock Clock’ track, and some more ‘creative’ selections. I had to pack for Falmouth, so unfortunately missed out on some of the later games.
I’m actually quite excited for this summer school now. I’ve read through the itinerary for the weekend it seems good! I’m not unsure whether to bring my laptop or not; it does say they have wifi, but will I be able to use it? I’m also getting a plane home, so bringing it might make my bag too heavy. Decisions decisions… What do we think? To laptop or not to laptop- that is the question.

Avril Lavigne and Mario Kart.

Another day, another wasted 24 hours. I did a bit of sorting out for Falmouth summer school next week, but nothing else really. I will definitely need to do stuff to tell you guys about, or find a form of ‘regular programming’ we all like. Any thoughts are much appreciated; you’re all very quiet.
I’ve spent most of the day on Tumblr, wrapped up in my duvet and marvelling at the string of bed mezzanine pictures that came up. I had to go and look them up on Pinterest aswell, and there are some truly fabulous ones out there. Some are highly precarious looking; literally a mattress on a wooden shelf. I would very much like one in my future Toronto apartment. I still don’t know why I’m so obsessed with Canada.
There have also been lots of cute kids dressed up as superheroes. Lots of superheroes in general, especially of the Marvel persuasion. I love the fact that Thor is going to be female now. Somebody suggested that Gwendoline Christie should play her if there was a movie, which I for one am very much behind. I loved her in Game of Thrones; Brienne is such a badass!
My sister came home from school early having broken up for summer, so we spent most of the afternoon playing- you’ve guessed it- Mario Kart 8! We managed to do quite well this time, despite being on 150cc. She was telling me a story about her trying to remember the lyrics to this song, which she hummed and I recognised. Hence began an hour of listening to Avril Lavigne, singing along to various childhood tunes. Because why not? There’s some great songs, guys!
In other news, there are two new chapters of Stark Trek up now! The second is quite short, just to warn you in advance.

Obscenely hot weather.

It’s been obscenely hot here today. I had to do some typing for my dad, so I took the laptop out into the garden. Maybe not the best idea, as my cat Freya promptly sat on it. After a while, she gave up and went to sunbathe with my new neighbour. Kinda strange, to be honest. As was my lunch of 8 fish fingers and four chicken breasts. No idea why I thought that would be good, but surprisingly it was. Go figure.
Most of the day was spent on Tumblr. What a suprise. Getting pretty hyped up for Avengers: Age of Ultron though! I couldn’t have my window open because next door’s kids and dogs were annoying me too much. They are so loud! I couldn’t even drown out their terrible renditions of Frozen with my headphones in. It greatly upsets me.
Various YouTube videos came up on my dash today, one of which was crazy, the other creepy. I’m not sure if I’m late on this bandwagon, but Kacy Cantanzaro. Seriously, this woman is amazing! She’s the first woman to ever complete the American Ninja Warrior course, and she makes it look pretty easy. Dang, she is fab.
The creepy video was this Baby Bullet infomercial. If you haven’t seen this, go and watch it. If you think you’ve seen it, watch it again. It’s creepy, but funny. I’ll leave you to wonder at it’s majesty.