Wifi: the route(r) of all my problems.

Well, today was going alright, until about five minutes ago. The wifi has suddenly decided that we can’t be friends, so I’m posting via 3G like a heathen… Wait, weight be back in action, maybe? I don’t know what’s happening right now… The box is making a weird sound; like slightly rusty gears turning. Strange.

Anyway, college. I forgot my beloved lanyard again, so had to acquire and don one of it’s red, shame inducing cousins. After the arduous journey to collect the offending item, I then had to go to Philosophy. If missed a lesson of topic overviewing, and the construction of a weird mind map type contraption, so I set about doing that. It’s hard to find all the connections between things before putting them down; I want logic and order on my page, not to draw arrows betwixt things with reckless abandon. As I still haven’t done the essay (due in on Friday), I have to do it for tomorrow. Fortunately, I don’t have philosophy tomorrow. Unfortunately, my form room is down the hall from my philosophy teacher’s.
Second, I had English. We were down in the old, weird building, seemingly only utilised for teaching sixth form. The fly corpse previously on the windowsill next to my desk has been removed, finally. It was there for quite a while. We’ve nearly read the whole of The Tempest now; only a few pages to go! I got into a deeply philosophical debate with my English buddy about the possibility of The Tempest 2, or the ‘deleted scene’, where we return to Naples only to find Miranda walking over the corpses of the men to take he place on the throne. My visions are pretty badass, I must admit. There are hints that she has a malicious side, and it is my personal ‘headcanon’ that she is hiding her fiendish ways until such a time as she can seize her opportunity to usurp the foolish males who dared underestimate her. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed by this…

Art was after break, and I’ve nearly finished the little painting of myself. The prominence of my spine is still worrying me. It’s actually very much not good, especially considering the degree to which individual vertebrae are visible. That aside, the painting isn’t that bad, if I do say so myself. It’s taken me a lot longer than it should, but I’m ridiculously easily distracted. I’ve only got the skin and final top details to finish off. The skin alone could take me the rest of the week. I can’t paint while people, and I’m possibly the whitest white to ever white (who isn’t an albino) My skin practically glows when you shine a light on it. This has suddenly turned into a commentary about the many strange things that go on with my person, and for that I apologise profusely. I also spent my free fourth in Art, because I’m a dedicated student and that.
Lunch was, as always, uneventful. I had my favourite school meal; 3 chicken goujons in a wrap. Classy. My team had won the form quiz, so we had to make this week’s. Unfortunately, I wasn’t involved, due to my absence on Friday, so the quiz questions were forgotten. Hence, it was the worst quiz ever. You can’t really come up with 10 ‘pride’ themed questions on the spot. I was ashamed to be even remotely associated with such abominable tomfoolery.
Lesson 5 was well being, which is about as useful as it sounds. The hour was mostly wasted gossiping, though I did refine my university choices. The only things I have to do for my UCAS application now are upload my personal statement and finalise my 5 choices. What a time to be alive.

When I got home, I had a nap in lieu of writing my essay. I only got up to have tea, which was mildly disappointing. Spaghetti bolognese with practically raw bits of broccoli in it, and stupidly water spaghetti. There was hardly any sauce too, so it was mainly water-flavoured pasta with uncooked broccoli. Delicious.
Now, the explanation for all the flouncy language; I’ve been reading Homestuck again. It always gets me in the mood for long, fancy words, and I am yet to discover an explanation for this. The nonsensical gibberish it leads me to is quite extraordinary.
I have now completed two whole(ish) paragraphs of my philosophy essay, which I shall complete in my two frees delegated to non-art work tomorrow. Now, the endeavour to reconnect my phone to the wifi commences. Wish me luck, comrades.

Homestuck-ery and hella views.

So, it seems as though my highest view count of all time was smashed yesterday; 50 views, yo! Trés excitement, mes amis. You can tell I did French GCSE, can’t you. My morning consisted mainly of lazing around, playing Plants vs Zombies and thinking about all the work I have to do. I’ve still not done any of it, but I had much more important things to be doing. Like reading Homestuck. And eating.
Me and ‘the fam’ wen out for lunch with one of my many (3) grandmothers and my youngest cousin. The food was good, as is always the case with Harvester gammon, and I made the mistake of having a Rocky Horror sundae. It’s in the spirit of Halloween (see what I did there- spirit?) so I thought ‘why not!’

When we got back, I set about sorting my bed out. Again. I’ve done this so many times now, but it always ends up with a pile of clothes and other such nonsense on it. Most of the clothes are hung up now, but my pesky jeans collection is without acceptable hangers. I only like the ones with the metal hangy bit that you can turn. I’m very particular about my clothes storage facilitators.
After mostly finishing that up, I decided to partake in more Homestuck. I’ve caught up to where I was previously now, so I’m seeing new and exciting things in Act 4. So, still nowhere near ready for the new update. Shameful behaviour, I know, but it’s a great webcomic. Speaking of great webcomics, another of my faves, The Universal Constant,is finishing soon. I’m sad about it, but the story and art is awesome, so if you like Star Trek, go and give it some love!

Hawaii Five-0 is back for us Brits, but I decided to watch the episode tomorrow. I had planned to do something constructive with the hour, but ended up reading Homestuck. My bad! I think Our Girl was on tonight aswell, so I’ll see if that is up on iPlayer yet. I had to resort to watching it on my phone like a heathen yesterday, because it wasn’t working on my laptop. Pesky BBC. Well, I shall leave you all to go about your evenings. I myself shall (hopefully) delve into the 5th episode of Our Girl. Fingers crossed…!

Birmingham Uni open day.

I’m not sure why yesterday’s post didn’t… well, post, but it didn’t. Sorry about that. Well, today was a little more exciting. Had to get up relatively early for a Saturday to get the tram into Manchester, then the train into Birmingham. It took ages on the train; I listened to three Panic! albums on the way there. That’s a lot, especially for one journey.
When we got there, I received a free Birmingham tote bag- students love free stuff. We had a wander first, looking for my old Philosophy teacher. We found her office, but she wasn’t in, which was annoying. It’s a shame to have missed her; it would’ve been nice to have had a catch up. I have had a reply to my ‘sorry we missed you’ email, which I shall read shortly.

After failing our first mission, we went to a talk about English and creative writing. Turns out all the teaching staff are published, which is obviously a good thing. I really liked the sound of the course, so I’m going to have to get my shit together if I’m going to get the grades I need. I thinks it’s something like AAA, maybe AAB; either way, it’s high. Engage constructive activity… at some point.
After that, we went to have a look round some of the accomodation. The best ones were about £144 a week, which is a bit more than Falmouth. I’d prefer to have an ensuite, because I’m high maintenance like that. The cheaper ones looked a little like council flats, but they were okay inside. No double beds, again. I’m starting to think Falmouth was treating us with those. However, at closer to £200, I could totally get an apartment at Birmingham. I’m pretty excited about the fact that that’s even available. Obviously I won’t be able to partake in the wonders of a totally private living space, but still. That’s pretty rad.

We didn’t do much besides that. Had a quick look round the Student’s Union Guild, which was an alright kind of building. Nice bit of seating outside. T’was a good place, as far as I could tell. We ended up missing the student finance talk, so I still have no idea what’s going on with that. We got all the info booklets available to us before we left, so it might be in there somewhere.
Dad’s phone had practically died by the time we were on the train back, so we had to use mine to ring Pizza Hut and order our tea. Stuffed crust Hawaiian is my lifeblood, I’ll tell you that for nothing. It’s so good. Also, it only comes in large (what a tragedy) so I can have it for two day in a row – score! I escaped the Strictly to watch another episode of Our Girl. I recon I’ll be all caught up by tomorrow. Unfortunately, iPlayer’s pause feature isn’t working, which is annoying. Ah well; I’m sure I’ll manage. Off to get some water before I restart my mini-marathon.

Carrot onesies and mysterious disappearances.


Well, the original of this post seemingly dissipated into the ether, so I’m doing another one! It was pretty short anyway, so this paraphrased version might be very brief indeed.

I made the executive decision to not go into college today. I hadn’t been feeling up to it all of last week, but I ‘had to go in’. I had been planning on doing that philosophy essay I had to redo for today, but I never quite got round to it. Instead, I slept for most of the morning, awaking briefly to play Plants vs Zombies. I’ve re-completed it now, so I need the update, guys- stat! I also did a bit of Tumblr browsing, looked at a few online stores (don’t buy anything, don’t buy anything…) and started watching Our Girl on iPlayer. It’s been a bit hit and miss recently, so I’ve been attempting to watch it for a few days now. Well, I final did, and I think it’s brilliant! I’d watched the film thing a while back and enjoyed it, so I’m glad the series follows on pretty much straight from that.
When I went down to make myself a delicious lunch of rice and gravy (don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!) there was a strange noise at the front door. The porch had opened, and it turns out I had a delivery! I’d kinda forgotten the DFTBA order; it was a while back. It takes ages of stuff to ship from the US though, so I’ll forgive them. I now have my beloved Harto carrot onesie, pictured above, and my ‘it’s a metaphor, you potato with eyes’ shirt. Orange is the new Black is one of my fave shows, and Harto is awesome! For those of you not in the know, DFTBA is John and Hank Green’s shop for all the cool stuff people need, so we Don’t Forget To Be Awesome! (See what I did there?)

That’s pretty much all I can remember of Friday. Not that I did much anyway, but the afternoon was completely devoid of anything interesting. Sorry guys…

My first Big Mac and the end of the great Gigapause.


I had a relatively compacted three lessons today. I forgot to sign myself in for my free lesson first, but it’s all okay. No biggie. An acquaintance suggested a timetable app that she’d recently downloaded which is actually pretty good. You can have up to 4 different weeks timetabled, and you can adjust the colour, length of time, when it starts, the name, etc. It saves your tasks too, so I didn’t have to renter my subjects a bajillion times! Pretty snazzy, eh first officer?
My first ‘official’ lesson was English. I’d missed the whole read through of Act 3 of The Tempest, so I’m going to have to catch up in my own time with that. I’ve got the York Notes, so it should be okay.

I had philosophy after break, which was the Religious Language side of the course. Some of the boys were messing around as usual, so they all got moved around to limit disturbance. We went through the essays we wrote and looked at how to improve them. There’s going to be a department meeting on how we should structure them, so that way we aren’t getting mixed messages from our teachers. I could do with that structure right now- I’ve got an essay due tomorrow for the other side of the course. I probably won’t be able to complete it in my free, but after the frankly rude comments and complete rejection of blame for the whole class’ failure, I don’t really care if my teacher gets mad at me. Bring it on, bro.
Art fourth was okay. I had to reprint the skirt because it was too red. The paint went on pink, but dries red. I now have a feeling that it’s too light a pink. The eternal struggle. I had a chat with on of my classmates about our peers from primary school and what they’re currently up to, which was quite insightful. Not that I really care what they are all doing with themselves, but it would seem that quite a few of us have gone ‘off the rails’, so to speak. We went to the best primary school in the area, and now there’s apparently some druggies in our ranks. Exciting!

I had some ridiculously salty leek and potato soup for lunch. It was actually so salty that I couldn’t eat most of it, so I barely had 1/3. There was an assembly about death and one of the ‘truths’ of the Bible being that we don’t have to fear death, because ‘Jesus conquered it’. Okay, mr school chaplain man. Okay. At least he played a clip from the Lego movie; he ruined that by spoiling the film for everyone who hasn’t watched it yet. Just straight up went and told everyone the ending, basically. What a pillock.
I had another free last, the first few minutes if which were spent feeling highly disrespected by the imbecile who decided to put all the chairs back in our corner. It’s an outrage; I’m genuinely annoyed by it. After slightly getting over the fact that they’ve taken another steaming dump on my lawn, I attempted to get on with my philosophy essay. I have an ish-plan of what I’m going to put, but I doubt it’ll be much of an improvement. I really can’t be bothered.

At 7 o’clock I headed out to a playwriting workshop in Rochdale. The Literature festival is next week, and this was one of the events in the run up. I was very much the youngest participant, with only 4 others, all at least well into middle age. E workshop was actually quite insightful, in that I now actually know how to write a play. The guy who ran it has got a play on locally soon, so I may go and watch that if I have time. It looks good, from the leaflet I was given. Well done, guy who’s name I have momentarily forgotten!
On our journey back, we went to McDonalds. We had already had tea, but we were all hungry, so we got Hobbit all up in this ish. For the first time in my 18 years of life, I are a Big Mac burger, and it was mildly disappointing. I don’t know whether that was just the weird mayo stuff, an the masses of lettuce, but it was edible. Not too shabby, guys. 6/10, I think. I just plucked that figure out of thin air, I’m going to be honest.
When I eventually got home, I received the joyous news that today, the 365 day, 8 hour and 49 minute long Homestuck ‘Gigapause’ ended. It isn’t of much consequence for me, as I’m not up to Act 6 Act 6 Act 3 yet, but the website has crashed due to the sheer amount of people trying to see the update. Hussie has even spent most of the year prepping for the huge numbers, readying the servers to accommodate the masses of dweebs. Apparently it only took 27 seconds. I’m not even getting the error message anymore. Good job, fandom!

The time I went to yoga.

Today is Wednesday, as you may have noticed, which means four lessons at college. Not fun. I had philosophy first, where we looked at whether myth is a help or hindrance in terms of religious language. I actually quite like this unit, which I wasn’t expecting. It’s really interesting. We had to do group work, but it actually wasn’t that bad. My desk mate actually spoke to me in a serious manner, rather than the usual tone of ‘I’m getting information I can use to mock you later’. Progress!
I had a free second, which I spent worrying that I hadn’t sent an email – I had- and playing Plants vs Zombies. As if prompted by my past post, the update became available late last night. It was probably more around 1am. I’m going to take my laptop in tomorrow so I can do some constructive work; I have an essay due for Friday, so I can crack on with that. I really do need to be spending my frees more wisely when I’m not down in art.

Speaking of art, that was my third lesson. I started doing some painting in my sketchbook; that picture of me violently holding a dagger. I love it. Anyway, the skirt is mostly painted, though it seems to have dried quite red, rather than the pink it was when I put it on. I’ll probably have to do a couple more layers tomorrow. There were discussions about people’s costumes for the college party next week, which I shan’t be attending. The venue sounds like a dive anyway, so it’s not very appealing. Besides, I’m not really the party type.
I was somewhat delayed in my arrival to Citizenship as I’d been printing out the lesson notes. That way, I figured I’d be able to follow what was going on. Turns out my teacher hasn’t forgotten that I haven’t done the essay about roles of a judge, so that’s on my to-do list. Yet more essays- huzzah! They are my favourite thing in the whole world! Such sarcasm, very joke. Wow.

I only had a portion of rice pudding for lunch because a) I wasn’t very hungry and b) there was nothing else I liked. I was extremely tempted to ask them if I could have a portion of rice with gravy, but there were quite a few people around who’d have thought I was mental, so I decided against it. You should try it- so tasty! Nobody got got in the head today, which is good, but disappointing at the same time. We discussed my friend’s upcoming birthday party, and how in the only one of the group currently on the guest list (controversial topic) as well as plans for the Halloween film marathon. We also had an assembly, which was annoying; our year is meant to have them on Tuesdays, so I thought I’d avoided that one.
Philosophy last was also quite good. Yep, Philosophy twice in one day. We recapped Irenaeus’ theodicy, and learnt about John Hick’s development. This theodicy is much better than Augustine’s in that it is actually put forward logically. I don’t believe in God, but the arguments Irenaeus uses actually make sense to me. He hasn’t just gone ‘well, I want to prove God exists despite evil, so how do I make that point?’ 4 for you, Irenaeus. You go, Irenaeus.

I had a lovely long nap when I got home, simply because I couldn’t be bothered doing anything. I only awoke to have tea before going off to yoga. Yep, I do yoga now. It’s intervention o’clock. it was actually really good. I felt a bit weird afterwards; as if I was too light. It’s definitely helped get the tension out of my back. I should probably do yoga more often, it’s great. It apparently makes you sleep better, so I’m off to test that theory. I shall report back on it effectiveness tomorrow!

Why purchasing music legally ISN’T a rip-off

Originally posted on altrocklife:

Today’s post is a little different to what I’d normally write here, but last week I heard something which inspired me.

During a lecture, my lecturer asked for a show of hands of everyone who had never illegally downloaded music.  As one of those people, I put my hand up, along with about three others in a group of around 100.  I then heard someone from my course mutter, “You’re being ripped off” under their breath.  I don’t know who that person was, and chances are they’ll never read my blog, but this post is dedicated to you, whoever you are.

I think taking part in illegally downloading music is a massive double standard.  I expect the vast majority of people who illegally download music would never dream of shoplifting, or stealing a car, or mugging someone for their wallet.  However, because music (and other forms of media, such as…

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