There is no news.

Yet again, I have done nothing today. Input from you, readers, would be appreciated, in terms of which content you like/ don’t like/ would like to see. I’m pretty sure nobody is overly entertained by my accounts of endless hours of scrolling through Tumblr, lying around because it’s obscenely hot, and complaining about stuff. Whatever.
I’ve seen loads of Comic Con posts over the past few days, which makes me even more determined to attend one day. I’ll have to get working on my cosplay for that… I’ve also seen a surprising amount of Legally Blonde on my dash today, which makes me want to watch the movie. I’m unsure as to whether I have already done so, but I think I might have. There are vague memories of scenes from the film which I think I’ve been confusing with Mean Girls. I finally watched that film all the way through last week- it’s pretty good, actually. Speaking of films, I do believe my parents have agreed to take me to see Guardians of the Galaxy on the 1st of August. Maybe it’s only because mg younger sister also wants to see it, but it’s progress at least!
On a completely different note, one of my summer school pals has a rather wonderful collection of ear piercings, including a Tragus and Industrial. I’ve wanted them for a while now, but seeing an ‘in real life’ version makes me want them now. Unfortunately, I would only have enough money to get one done at the moment. But do not fear; it is my birthday in about two months, so I can get them relatively soon! I’ll have to start convincing various gift givers that just giving me money really is alright and that I am definitely sure I don’t want any ‘actual presents’. Maybe I’ll just say I’m saving up for a car… That might work. Yeah, let’s give that a go.


I didn’t really do anything today; I updated Stark Trek this morning, then wrote for a bit, but nothing else that was even vaguely constructive. The entire day was essentially Tumblr. It has been, yet again, an obscenely hot day. I can’t even open my window because I the wasp’s nest in my neighbour’s roof, so it’s been terrible.
I’ve been writing this blog for a while now, and (as I’m sure you’ve noticed) I haven’t really got a structure going with this. Merge whole song and film of the week thing wasn’t very good because I never go to the cinema or listen to new music, if I’m honest. If you could comment with any aspects of the blog that you like, that would be really helpful in me working out a set structure. You’re all terribly quiet… I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do, other than stop making posts altogether, which I don’t really want to do. Input is extremely welcome.

Not very Summer School.

This morning was mainly filled with socialising and the collection of various people’s contact details. I’m going back down to Cornwall soon, so it should be good to meet up with everyone again! This week has been really fun; a lot better than I thought it would be, in all honesty. The weather had been good too, if not slightly too hot.
The taxi ride to the airport was awkward; there was this guy getting my flight from the summer school, but he didn’t speak to me for the entire journey. Cheers mate. I had more of an idea of what was going on at the airport than he did though, so joke’s on him. I had to take my Doc Marten’s off at security, so I stood in my socks for a lovely awkward minute or two. The plane was tiny, but the flight was fine.
We had barbecue for tea, which was delicious. Lots of chicken. Om nom. After that, we watched The Lego Movie to celebrate the proper start if the summer holidays. It was actually really good, though the live action bits were a bit odd at first. Everything made sense after that, though. I’m slightly disappointed in the ‘special features’ on the DVD; and DVDs in general. Remember deleted scenes? Blooper reels? Those were great- not sing along versions of songs and random commentaries.

Summer School day 4.

I went surfing for the first time today. I did a lot better than I was expecting to; I actually managed to get up onto my knees. After the first hour session, I didn’t really fancy going back in, so I had ice cream and a stroll with two of my buddies. None of us dropped any! Miraculous. Carrying surfboards up and down beaches is very difficult; even more so when in the ocean. My arms really hurt now.
We were out at the beach all day, so we only got back in time for tea. There was a party after that for everyone to attend. It was better than I was expecting, but three hours of constant jumping was too much for me. I stayed until the end, but my ears are now ringing much more than usual; then again, we were all dancing right next to a speaker. I sat outside with a few people for a bit before coming back inside. It’s pretty cold outside now, and I hadn’t got my jumper with me. Everyone else is out, so it’s nice and quiet. Well, it would be if it weren’t for the pesky tinnitus… Well, tomorrow will be full of lovely working out how airports work for my first time catching a plane by myself!

Summer School day 3.

Today’s workshop was journalism. It was practically the same group as yesterday, which made it a lot easier to do the group work. First we read Hansel and Gretel, then condense the story into a 25 word summary. That would serve as the first paragraph in an article; it gives the reader all the facts, then the story can be elaborated upon. Later on, we had to collect information about a sudden oak death breakout on campus; interviewing students and staff, and a bit of research on the disease itself. My article was a bit terrible- I’m really bad at writing articles.
This afternoon we had to attend two of four lectures/activities; mine were creative careers and a library tour. The other two were how to apply to UCAS and about student finance, which would have been a lot more useful to me. The others from my little group had already been to the other lectures, so I would have swapped with them if I had the option.
We finalised everything for our society idea, but it’s quite long winded. I might save the explanation for when I’ve not done anything interesting. Tomorrow I’m going surfing, which should be good. I’ll have to remember my suncream though, as I got a little burned today.

Summer School day 2.

Today was the creative writing workshop; a lot better than I originally thought it would be. We had to work as a group to do a radio show script, following the given prompt. Basically, all of us had our own character who lived in a block of flats. When some DJs move in and play loads of loud music, we all band together and go to confront them; but nobody lives there. Pretty spooky if done correctly, but neither of the two groups actually opened the door, dissapointingly. It was a really good morning though.
For the afternoon/evening session we all went for a barbecue on the beach, which was amazing. One of the lads in my little group of summer school buddies was queueing for an ice cream for about ten minutes. Then one of the chocolates topping it fell into his shoe, along with some melts bits of ice cream. Then the entire, highly generous scoop fell onto the sand. Unfortunately, none of us could stop ourselves from laughing while he stood there, looking sadly down at the ice cream. I felt a bit bad for laughing, but it was absolutely hilarious.
When we got back to the flat, we had to come up with a new society for our presentation on Thursday. I have to say, ours is actually really good. I’d found a note behind the mirror in my wardrobe, left there for the fresher who will have this room next year. That gave us the main idea, so we worked from there. I’ll tell you all about it when we’ve got it finalised, but it should be good. Tune in for more antics tomorrow!

Summer School day 1.

Re yesterday’s little gig, it was very loud blues music. It was good, but almost so loud you couldn’t hear it.
We arrived at Falmouth University’s Penryn campus at about 11:30 this morning. The short walk through Falmouth town centre convinced me that this is the place I want to be. The accommodation is actually quite a lot better than I had anticipated. Individual rooms in a shared flat of around 7- no idea how much this sort of accommodation would cost though. Updates coming.
We’ve all pretty much split into separate ‘friendship’ groups now. There’s some really cool people here- some lovely piercing and tattoo combinations. I can’t wait until I move down… I’ll go back home with a full sleeve, I’m pretty sure. Activities start properly tomorrow, so hopefully there will be more for you all to read. Apologies again for the short post.
(At least there’s free WiFi)