App update problems.

Well everyone, we’re at that awkward part of the day where I usually have an account of the happenings in my life. I have, in fact, written a post on my phone via the app. unfortunately, it decided to update itself mid-way through me putting it up, and it (the app) now wont open at all, no matter what I try to do. So, another 20 minutes wasted on a post which is now seemingly inaccessible. Dammit. I’ve tried to find it again, but to no avail. I’m too irritated to rewrite it right now, so this short explanation for it’s loss will have to do. Hopefully the app will come to its senses by tomorrow, so I can post today’s post then, through the magic of time-travel.

Thursday, shmursday.


Today was one of those days when I only had two lessons- Art and English! I missed the bus again, but I was actually late this time. After signing in, I went straight down to the art shack for some lovely drawing. I’m using my fave water-soluble pencils to do the woman’s hair and arms, and I recon the rest will be either collage or acrylics. Only time will tell. I’ll put the pic up top then you all understand what I’m on about- it’s by an artist called Marko Köppe. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. This is the new direction my project is taking, so hopefully I’ll be able to do a piece inspired by his work, but with some military ladies. It should be good! I probably spent about an hour and a half getting the base tone down for the arms, and started getting a few details in there too. It’s looking pretty good so far!
After break, I had two frees. I had brought my laptop with me, fully intending to do some work, but I never really got round to it. I probably had an essay to do, but I’d forgotten my philosophy textbook, and I know nothing about the role of a judge for my citizenship one, so that plan failed spectacularly. Instead, I explored my memory stick; I haven’t used it in 3 years. There were some very high quality power points I’d done in 2009 for science, which were thrilling. I learnt so much from my past self. Truly inspirational. I did note the somewhat shoddy punctuation, and the use of Bauhaus 93 (my favourite font, FYI) which was good. Well done, me!

Lunch was equally as constructive and exciting. I spent most of it silently raging; leggings girl has struck again this time, the footwear of choice was Chelsea boots. Interesting… Even more so was the fact that you could actually see her underwear clear as day. I’ll spare you the details. The canteen was serving what can only be described as the worst lasagne I have ever eaten. The pasta was either slightly raw or overdone on one of the two layers, the cheese sauce was practically pie-innards thickness, and there was little/no tomato sauce with the meat. Our school canteen is a bit of a culinary disaster, but I’m too lazy to go to Subway, McDonalds, or any similar fast food purveyor in town. That would involve walking, and I’m not about that life.
We had a VESPA session in form time. Don’t ask me what that means, because I don’t actually know. We had a cover, so the guy just sat and talked to us about mental toughness. They love that phrase; it’s stupid, if you ask me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good point, but the way they go on and on about it gets slightly irritating.
English last was good; we’ve finished The Tempest! Hoorah! After some final analysis and rounding up of learning, we organised tomorrow’s lesson. Our teacher suggested we have a ‘cake and AO3′ lesson. I knew there was a reason she’s my favourite. Confectionary goods are always nice. The lesson was fairly uneventful, other than that. Me and a couple of others complained about the poor quality ‘information’ about feminism given to us by our other teacher. It was suggested that maybe the sheet was an old one; in which case, dude needs to do his research better! Get up to date facts, bro!

I had another needlessly extensive nap when I got back, only waking up to have tea. Dad had made some meat and potato pie, which was quite nice. After the meal, I went back to my room and looked through more Homestuck. I’m up to Act 5 now; we’re making progress! I also had a look at potential curtain material from IKEA, and designed some snazzy Converse on their website. You can personalise them, but you get a max of 12 characters. Annoyingly, Flapdragon473 is 13 characters. Curses! I totally could have been the saddest person ever and had my username on my shoes. I use it for everything social media-y, because in a super inventive person. It’s like a ‘brand’ I guess, in the loosest possible sense of the word. I had to reboot my Flash player to get the designy bit to work, but I now have 3 pairs I want to own. Dammit… this is how they get you. Lure you in with fancy gadgetry and customisation and boom – you have no money left. Last day before half term tomorrow, so I guess I’ll play Plants vs Zombies until I fall asleep…

The blog post with no name.


It was quite a full day at college, as is my Wednesday usual. I missed the bus this morning, so I ended up just getting my daily bottle of water and going straight to English. Low and behold, I was the first one there, so I had a bit of an awkward chat with my teacher. Once everyone else had arrived, we had to analyse another Auden poem – August 1968 – and compare it to yesterday’s. It was another fairly short poem, so we had plenty of time to do group analysis of some Handmaid’s Tale quotes. Sir had provided us with a fine example of why you should never do your homework the night before, because none of the chapter numbers were right, and the questions for ours didn’t make sense. It asked about how Janine’s status rose when she had a baby, but the quote was a flashback to when they were t the Red Centre; ages before she was even pregnant. Bless his soul, he tried. You can tell the guys an NQT because he thought holidays were actually for relaxing, not just an opportunity for teachers to give us loads if work to do. Oh, my sweet summer child…
Citizenship was second, and I’d forgotten to bring all my notes. Luckily, my teacher didn’t question the whereabouts of the essay I still haven’t done. The pairs task of summarising something to do with the legal system didn’t go very well for me, as my partner hadn’t got her stuff with her either. Ah well. I have very little knowledge of the role of a judge in a criminal trial, so our mind map was possibly the worst ever to be made in an A2 level class. Winning all the awards.

I had planned on going to art after break, but I thought I’d try and finish off my philosophy essay. Alas, I was dragged into a discussion about different styles of worship in church. I don’t think anyone can beat the CofE old fashioned-ness of ‘my’ church; they still do Mattins. It’s pretty damn old- just check out the wiki page linked above if you want to know what it is.
In my art lesson fourth, I ended up not doing much. There seems to be a pattern here. Pretty much all I did was project the outline of my next big piece onto the paper. I’ll probably spend tomorrow trying to work out what the lines on the page correspond to on the image I’m copying from. The only OHP pen we had was a big permanent marker, so it’s not the most accurate thing ever. It should be alright though, once I’ve got more detail in it.
My ordinarily uneventful lunchtime was spiced up a bit by one of the lads taking someone’s chair as they were sitting down. In his defence, he did think she was standing up. After sitting for a while, deciding how to react, she stormed out. I would have gone and checked to see if she was alright, but I’m a terrible person so a) I wasn’t particularly bothered, and b) I was too busy laughing. Sorry, but it was kinda funny. I also had a chat with our head if year about UCAS estimated grades, so mine might be going up to match my target grades. Fingers crossed!

We had cake in form, because it was someone’s birthday. The cake was quite nice, actually, but I kinda needed a drink with it. I always need a drink with cake though, so it wasn’t necessarily the fault of the cake itself.
Philosophy last was a bit irritating, but we were only planning an essay, so it wasn’t too strenuous. I think my teacher has given up hope if ever seeing my rewritten essay, which is good, because it means I probably don’t have to finish it. I might do it anyway, just so she has more marking to do. Apparently, the new phrase for ‘haven’t you done your homework?’ is ‘have you done an Emily?’ which mildly irritates me. Also, she’s friends with my absolute least favourite English teacher, which makes sense. I’m still not sure if we’ll get along, but it’s leaning towards ‘no’ at the minute. That’s about as much my fault as it is hers, but still. Not friends.

After my customary nap, I went to yoga. We stopped off to collect my Thunder Apparel order from the delivery depot, so I’m wearing that now. It’s a really comfy top- good for doing yoga in, quite apparently! I don’t think I’m as relaxed as I was last week, but that might be down to my weird leg bones stopping me from doing various feet moves. We had to lay on our fronts, so my ribs and hip bones were digging into the floor, and my feet wouldn’t go flat because of my funky skeleton. The struggle is real.
I had tea when I got back, which was an interesting experience in itself. It was advertised as ‘sausage casserole’, which translated as ‘onions in gravy with some probably-meat sausages’. The amount of onion was obscene, the ‘meat’ was just really watery, and the complete lack of other vegetation hardly helped. That was in no way a casserole- I’m sorry, whoever made that, but it really wasn’t. Get it together.
I’ve been reading through Homestuck again after tea, so I think I need to ‘hit the sack’ now. Yoga allegedly makes you sleep better; let’s see if it works this week.

Procrastination; engage.

I had a fairly uneventful 2 lessons at college today. It was really windy, so I ended up wearing my coat for the first time in ages. Turns out, I’d left my weird Buddhist meditation wire flower contraption in the pocket. The one I got in Paris? It’s good to know I haven’t lost that; I’d kinda forgotten about it.
I had a free first, which I spent in art. One of my ‘acquaintances’ had decided to completely ignore the uniform regulations and wear converse, a tshirt, and leggings. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with people wearing what they want, and I’ve broken a few uniform rules myself, but that’s crossing a line. ‘Suitable for a professional working environment’ doesn’t mean leggings. It annoys me enough when people wear them as trousers (one of many pet peeves) but the level of her blatant disregard for uniform regulations blew my mind. To finish the look, she had a hoodie on. I have no idea how she got away with it. I’m really annoyed that she did- I even emailed the pastoral guy about it. Yes, I know that was a dick move, but I don’t even feel bad. She’s getting on my nerves now; she’s well and truly crossed the line.
Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, art. I had art 2nd, so I had two hours of painting and raging about ‘the leggings situation’. I’ve finished my little self portrait thing, and it looks okay. Not my best work, but I’m actually terrible at painting white people. Complicated skin tone, I hate it. I’ve also selected my next big piece, and have started in a new train of thought as to where this project is going. I’m quite excited, I’ll be honest. You’ll be kept posted on developments as they come.

After break, I had English, during which I embraced my inner Sherlock. We had a poem, but the lines had been cut up, so we had to get the correct order. (Un)fortunately, the one given to me and my English buddy had been cut rather badly, the tops of letters on three lines being cruelly shorn. There was also a slightly ripped section, so it ended up being a bit more like a jigsaw than I think the teacher expected. He seemed rather impressed that we’d got it right so quickly. The annotation of the poem itself was interesting, if not difficult. It’s only six lines long, but it’s got lots of stuff to say about it. ‘Epitaph of a Tyrant’ by W.H.Auden, if you were wondering. Give it a read; it ain’t too shabby.
I had designated my two frees to working on essays, which didn’t really end up happening. I had a chat with Mr Pastoral-care-guy fourth, and ended up doing to the school nurse too. She’s meant to be making me an appointment at my doctors to get my blood pressure checked, what with my eyes doing their sporadic temporary blindness and all. She also thinks I might have anemia; I’m basically a bit of a mess in the blood department. Hopefully I’ll be getting that nonsense sorted out soon, though my GP’s track record isn’t exactly great.

Lunch was spent having a brief soirée with the Headteacher and an assortment of my fellow sixth formers for some sort of awards ceremony. I’m not really sure what was going on, but it didn’t seem very well organised. Half of us didn’t have chairs, for a kick off. That aside, I have a certificate, and my name is spelt correctly, so what more can I really ask for?
We had an assembly too, where the fable of the tortoise and the hate was assassinated in the name of motivation. They changed it up to have at least 3 different outcomes, basically telling us that we need to play to our strengths, work faster, and support one another. Ew, no thanks. I’ll keep procrastinating myself into oblivion, thank you. Speaking of which, I’ve still but finished that philosophy essay. This is getting beyond a joke now. Even I’m annoyed with me.

I got home and had a lovely nap, a bar of Cadbury’s caramel, and a nice drink of actually cold water. Not this luke-warm bullshit they have in the water ‘cooler’ in the canteen. I eventually got up and aimed to finish off the essay, but ended up reading more Homestuck and watching Panic! at the Disco videos. They did an awesome cover of Bohemian Rhapsody on their recent tour, which I’m really irritated to have missed. Anyway, y’all should check it out. The sound quality gets a bit weird in places, but it’s a great cover. On that note, I shall bid you goodnight; if I’m not gonna be doing anything constructive, I might as well sleep. Right?

Wifi: the route(r) of all my problems.

Well, today was going alright, until about five minutes ago. The wifi has suddenly decided that we can’t be friends, so I’m posting via 3G like a heathen… Wait, it might be back in action, maybe? I don’t know what’s happening right now… The box is making a weird sound; like slightly rusty gears turning. Strange.

Anyway, college. I forgot my beloved lanyard again, so had to acquire and don one of it’s red, shame inducing cousins. After the arduous journey to collect the offending item, I then had to go to Philosophy. If missed a lesson of topic overviewing, and the construction of a weird mind map type contraption, so I set about doing that. It’s hard to find all the connections between things before putting them down; I want logic and order on my page, not to draw arrows betwixt things with reckless abandon. As I still haven’t done the essay (due in on Friday), I have to do it for tomorrow. Fortunately, I don’t have philosophy tomorrow. Unfortunately, my form room is down the hall from my philosophy teacher’s.
Second, I had English. We were down in the old, weird building, seemingly only utilised for teaching sixth form. The fly corpse previously on the windowsill next to my desk has been removed, finally. It was there for quite a while. We’ve nearly read the whole of The Tempest now; only a few pages to go! I got into a deeply philosophical debate with my English buddy about the possibility of The Tempest 2, or the ‘deleted scene’, where we return to Naples only to find Miranda walking over the corpses of the men to take he place on the throne. My visions are pretty badass, I must admit. There are hints that she has a malicious side, and it is my personal ‘headcanon’ that she is hiding her fiendish ways until such a time as she can seize her opportunity to usurp the foolish males who dared underestimate her. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed by this…

Art was after break, and I’ve nearly finished the little painting of myself. The prominence of my spine is still worrying me. It’s actually very much not good, especially considering the degree to which individual vertebrae are visible. That aside, the painting isn’t that bad, if I do say so myself. It’s taken me a lot longer than it should, but I’m ridiculously easily distracted. I’ve only got the skin and final top details to finish off. The skin alone could take me the rest of the week. I can’t paint while people, and I’m possibly the whitest white to ever white (who isn’t an albino) My skin practically glows when you shine a light on it. This has suddenly turned into a commentary about the many strange things that go on with my person, and for that I apologise profusely. I also spent my free fourth in Art, because I’m a dedicated student and that.
Lunch was, as always, uneventful. I had my favourite school meal; 3 chicken goujons in a wrap. Classy. My team had won the form quiz, so we had to make this week’s. Unfortunately, I wasn’t involved, due to my absence on Friday, so the quiz questions were forgotten. Hence, it was the worst quiz ever. You can’t really come up with 10 ‘pride’ themed questions on the spot. I was ashamed to be even remotely associated with such abominable tomfoolery.
Lesson 5 was well being, which is about as useful as it sounds. The hour was mostly wasted gossiping, though I did refine my university choices. The only things I have to do for my UCAS application now are upload my personal statement and finalise my 5 choices. What a time to be alive.

When I got home, I had a nap in lieu of writing my essay. I only got up to have tea, which was mildly disappointing. Spaghetti bolognese with practically raw bits of broccoli in it, and stupidly watery spaghetti. There was hardly any sauce too, so it was mainly water-flavoured pasta with uncooked broccoli. Delicious.
Now, the explanation for all the flouncy language; I’ve been reading Homestuck again. It always gets me in the mood for long, fancy words, and I am yet to discover an explanation for this. The nonsensical gibberish it leads me to is quite extraordinary.
I have now completed two whole(ish) paragraphs of my philosophy essay, which I shall complete in my two frees delegated to non-art work tomorrow. Now, the endeavour to reconnect my phone to the wifi commences. Wish me luck, comrades.

Homestuck-ery and hella views.

So, it seems as though my highest view count of all time was smashed yesterday; 50 views, yo! Trés excitement, mes amis. You can tell I did French GCSE, can’t you. My morning consisted mainly of lazing around, playing Plants vs Zombies and thinking about all the work I have to do. I’ve still not done any of it, but I had much more important things to be doing. Like reading Homestuck. And eating.
Me and ‘the fam’ wen out for lunch with one of my many (3) grandmothers and my youngest cousin. The food was good, as is always the case with Harvester gammon, and I made the mistake of having a Rocky Horror sundae. It’s in the spirit of Halloween (see what I did there- spirit?) so I thought ‘why not!’

When we got back, I set about sorting my bed out. Again. I’ve done this so many times now, but it always ends up with a pile of clothes and other such nonsense on it. Most of the clothes are hung up now, but my pesky jeans collection is without acceptable hangers. I only like the ones with the metal hangy bit that you can turn. I’m very particular about my clothes storage facilitators.
After mostly finishing that up, I decided to partake in more Homestuck. I’ve caught up to where I was previously now, so I’m seeing new and exciting things in Act 4. So, still nowhere near ready for the new update. Shameful behaviour, I know, but it’s a great webcomic. Speaking of great webcomics, another of my faves, The Universal Constant,is finishing soon. I’m sad about it, but the story and art is awesome, so if you like Star Trek, go and give it some love!

Hawaii Five-0 is back for us Brits, but I decided to watch the episode tomorrow. I had planned to do something constructive with the hour, but ended up reading Homestuck. My bad! I think Our Girl was on tonight aswell, so I’ll see if that is up on iPlayer yet. I had to resort to watching it on my phone like a heathen yesterday, because it wasn’t working on my laptop. Pesky BBC. Well, I shall leave you all to go about your evenings. I myself shall (hopefully) delve into the 5th episode of Our Girl. Fingers crossed…!

Birmingham Uni open day.

I’m not sure why yesterday’s post didn’t… well, post, but it didn’t. Sorry about that. Well, today was a little more exciting. Had to get up relatively early for a Saturday to get the tram into Manchester, then the train into Birmingham. It took ages on the train; I listened to three Panic! albums on the way there. That’s a lot, especially for one journey.
When we got there, I received a free Birmingham tote bag- students love free stuff. We had a wander first, looking for my old Philosophy teacher. We found her office, but she wasn’t in, which was annoying. It’s a shame to have missed her; it would’ve been nice to have had a catch up. I have had a reply to my ‘sorry we missed you’ email, which I shall read shortly.

After failing our first mission, we went to a talk about English and creative writing. Turns out all the teaching staff are published, which is obviously a good thing. I really liked the sound of the course, so I’m going to have to get my shit together if I’m going to get the grades I need. I thinks it’s something like AAA, maybe AAB; either way, it’s high. Engage constructive activity… at some point.
After that, we went to have a look round some of the accomodation. The best ones were about £144 a week, which is a bit more than Falmouth. I’d prefer to have an ensuite, because I’m high maintenance like that. The cheaper ones looked a little like council flats, but they were okay inside. No double beds, again. I’m starting to think Falmouth was treating us with those. However, at closer to £200, I could totally get an apartment at Birmingham. I’m pretty excited about the fact that that’s even available. Obviously I won’t be able to partake in the wonders of a totally private living space, but still. That’s pretty rad.

We didn’t do much besides that. Had a quick look round the Student’s Union Guild, which was an alright kind of building. Nice bit of seating outside. T’was a good place, as far as I could tell. We ended up missing the student finance talk, so I still have no idea what’s going on with that. We got all the info booklets available to us before we left, so it might be in there somewhere.
Dad’s phone had practically died by the time we were on the train back, so we had to use mine to ring Pizza Hut and order our tea. Stuffed crust Hawaiian is my lifeblood, I’ll tell you that for nothing. It’s so good. Also, it only comes in large (what a tragedy) so I can have it for two day in a row – score! I escaped the Strictly to watch another episode of Our Girl. I recon I’ll be all caught up by tomorrow. Unfortunately, iPlayer’s pause feature isn’t working, which is annoying. Ah well; I’m sure I’ll manage. Off to get some water before I restart my mini-marathon.