Living in denial.

I still haven’t properly started my summer tasks, and I’m going back to college on Wednesday. I’m in total denial about the whole thing. I’m looking forward to going back so I can see all my friends and actually do some constructive stuff. That’ll wear off quickly. I always get bored in the 6 week holidays; I just run out of things to do. Well, I have stuff to do, but I procrastinate like there’s no tomorrow. Basically I’m rubbish at self-motivation.

I’ve mainly been looking through Etsy again and toasting marshmallows with my sister. I very much enjoy setting fire to things. In a controlled environment, of course. I just live burning stuff; I’m not sure why, because I’m really scared of house fires. I got traumatised through the medium of repeatedly watching a ‘safety’ video in primary school, it was truly awful. I was looking at local archery clubs again too; I think I might start looking at prices etc. because I really want to be good at archery. Like, quite a lot. I have for quite a while; it’s so cool. I love the whole medieval vibe of it. I actually have a favourites ‘folder’ on Etsy with a complete outfit from armstreet, which is by far one of my favourite Etsy shops. I’ve worked out a plan for buying my desired products; three phases. Very technical. This paragraph is a jumble sale of information.

I’ve discovered another YouTube channel in my procrastination today. Helen Melonlady is awesome; I love her style and personality. I’ve been binge watching her videos for the past couple of hours. I’m loving her hair and kinda wish I hadn’t cut it all off. I get that feeling relatively often, but then I remember how lazy I actually am. There’s no way I would actually have the patience to make a beehive out of my hair; not ever. I wish I did. Maybe I should get a wig… Though I wouldn’t be able to have an up-do with that. The struggle is real.

Speaking of YouTube, I’m home alone tomorrow so I ought to be able to put up a decent video? I’ll keep you posted!

Procrastination level expert.

So I was tidying my room again. And by tidying I mean looking on Etsy and making myself sad that I have no money. Also I really want to do archery now. It’s a long story. Basically, no progress has been made and I still haven’t written my 1,500 word essay for philosophy and I go back to college in three days. Well damn.

I was making tea when father decided to drop a washing machine on his finger. Well, not decided. It happened. He was trying to fix it and it kinda went ‘whoomp’ onto his hand. Fun times with mum the first aider! The triage nurse complemented her bandaging when they got to the hospital. Good job, mom!

Instead of using my evening productively, I have been watching Superwoman’s vlogs. I love her main channel, so when I heard about the vlogs I was all ‘yell heah!’ If I ever get the hang of this YouTube thing I might give it a go. Didn’t put a video up this week because the one I filmed was shocking. I really need a decent camera…

Scouting for Girls live?!

Most of today was spent tidying my room. And by tidying, I mean taking everything off my desk & dresser, out from under my bed and then onto my bed to sort out and put away. I’ve still not finished, so I’ll have to finish tomorrow. I found a fur collar that came with one of my leather jackets, which I’ve decided I want to attach to the ‘collar’ of my cloak. Yep, I have a cloak. Well, it was a long skirt which I decided would better function as a cloak. I want to line it with fleece type material, but I folded it into eighths and that was wider than half a blanket so… we’ll see. I’m working on it.
Doctor Who was good; less confusing than last week. I’m quite liking the characterisation for Clara so far this series, so we’ll see how that goes. The whole heaven thing is weird. The Doctor’s new personality & demeanour is alright; I suppose Capaldi will grow on me after a few more episodes. Still getting used to the whole thing. So far so good, though!
After our family (& family friends) weekly ritual curry night, father decided we should go to the Rochdale Feel Good Festival. Turns out, Scouting For Girls were playing; they came on stage just after we arrived. It was pretty good, aside from the overbearing stench of alcohol, tobacco and weed. At least it provided entertainment to watch the police literally trying to sniff the culprit out. They were trying to look all nonchalant, bless them, but it was a little obvious. Their noses were going… You know, that thing noses do when you’re trying to smell something. That thing… Anyway, it was a pretty unproductive day, to say the least. Some entertainment, and now a logistical headache brought on by the cloak conundrum.

Bake Off scandal!

After seeing a post on Tumblr, I was reminded that I hadn’t seen the latest episode of Bake Off. I booted it up on my laptop and eventually saw what all the fuss was about. Diana took Iain’s Baked Alaska out of ‘her’ freezer- hottest day of the year, mind you- and didn’t put it back into a different one, or even tell him she’d done it! I remember last year when somebody ‘accidentally’ used another contestant’s custard, things were done. There were consequences. Maybe Iain should have told on Diana, tried to save his own metaphorical bacon. Though maybe that isn’t deemed acceptable behaviour. I don’t know…
I had another surprise today when looking through the bag of clothes gifted to is by one of father’s colleagues. There were a couple of nice dresses, and at the bottom of one bag was the entire Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. As if if isn’t weird enough to have people give you clothes, that just takes the biscuit. I’m kinda tempted to read it just to see how badly written it really is, but then again I don’t want to kill my brain cells with all the badly written smut. That and the textbook abusive relationship disguised with a horrifically inaccurate portrayal of BDSM culture. Don’t get me started, we’d be here all week.
Well, now I’m tired. Really tired. I have a problem; to take the cat currently on my bed back downstairs now, or wait until she gets restless at around 3:00am and thanks her down then. Decisions decisions…

Stark Trek time!

My mother and youngest sister returned from their excursion to Wales today, bringing my aunt and 4-year-old cousin with them. The morning was mostly spent in bed with a back ache, but when that subsided I got up and dressed. Turns out, my favourite jeans have diagonal belt loops, which is good for sword carrying. Yes; I walked around the house with two swords in my belt loops. Because I am a mature adult.
I put up a new chapter of Stark Trek a few minutes ago. Turns out, there’s people in Guernsey reading it. It’s really exciting to see all the countries people are reading this in; it’s quite surreal to think people all over the world are reading this. (Side note; I just spelt surreal so badly that autocorrect change it to ‘sulu trek’.)
There’s a cool website I found on Tumblr where you can explore the stars which is absolutely amazing. I may have only got a D in GCSE Astronomy, but it really interesting. I wasn’t very good at the whole stars thing, so this would’ve been a useful resource a couple of years ago. Go check it out; if you don’t have google chrome, there’s a YouTube video you can watch.
I’ve been looking at some of the Targaryen dress designs I did a couple of months back, an I really wish that I could make dresses. I might try and teach myself to do corsets while I’m at it. And how to work with leather-type materials. I have a feeling they’d like leather. There’s a really cool shop on Etsy that sells dragon scale-mail, which I absolutely love and new in my life. If I could incorporate that… Damn, now I’m going to have to draw some more dresses.

The Marvel-ous mistake.

My eyes started itching around the 4am mark, but other than that I wasn’t tired. Only me and two lads survived through the whole thing without sleep; I didn’t even have any caffeine. Not sure about the other two. All the films have been watched. I am still alive. All is well with the world.
I got a bus home with 3 others, but it was a 20 minute walk to the bus stop. Once I got back, I then had to walk from town to my house, where my sister let me in. I immediately went to have a nap; I wasn’t really tired, but I felt like I should be and there were wavy lines in my vision. Not good. Apparently she made me lunch; I lit the hob, but then went back to bed. She left the bowl of rice and cheese (don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it) on my bed, and I “rolled towards it and was going all ‘meh'”. I oftentimes make a grunting/ moaning/ dying wookie noise when I’m tired or just can’t anymore. Clearly I was asleep, because when dad woke me up for tea he had a bowl in his hand. That when I found out about the lunch. Sorry sis! I appreciate the effort, though! To be honest, I was awake for around 29 hours straight, so I have an excuse. Now I shall slip into what is sure to be a semi-eternal slumber, from which I shall probably (at some point) awaken.

The great Avenge-athon.

Today, I shall be embarking on my biggest mission yet. To watch all nine Avengers films back to back. Yep, you read that right; all nine. I agree that this is a terrible idea. The marathon is at a friend’s house, and should start around 6:00pm. I’ll try and update this as I go.

We have arrived at the location, but there are still some guests to arrive. People are questioning my authority on the order these films are meant to be watched in; fools. I know what I’m talking about. Once everyone has arrived I believe take-away shall be ordered and then films start.

We ordered the food towards the end of Iron Man, and it arrived during The Incredible Hulk. If I’m honest, this is my least favourite of the 9 films. The exciting bit happens in flashbacks; that’s my opinion, anyway. The woman from the Chinese place drove 10 minutes to ask if we wanted vegetable or meat spring rolls, which was unusual.

A couple of people have gone to bed, and some have only just arrived. People have been drinking for a bit and are now partaking in Omegle. This could end badly. I, however, shall persevere and get through this. If I can watch an entire season of Game of Thrones in one sitting, I can damn well do 19(ish) hours of Marvel. Bring. It. On.

As we are now getting towards the early hours, and we are only up to Iron Man 2, I believe I will leave the ret of this for tomorrow’s post. I only awoke around 9:30 this morning (I think…) so I’m already doing quite well on the ‘not sleeping’ front. I probably should have time-stamped the above paragraphs, but the foresight to do so was clearly unavailable. I don’t feel tired yet, which is both good and bad. Anyway, see you at the other end!